5 Easy Ways You Can Get Hired Quickly

Ways You can Hired Instantly

Unemployed- the term no one likes to associate with, and we agree, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. But you must bear in mind, that at some point in all of our lives- we were unemployed and you happen to be in that phase at the moment fear not, we have you covered.

Be it you are out of college, all young and inexperienced in life or an employee that is looking for a new space to work in, either way looking out for, or shall we say, hunting for an available job vacancy is never a joyful ride. And this is why we have decided to give you a run down of things you can do to get hired immediately.

1.Make A List Of Possible Companies

So you fish out the newspaper or a login on a job portal site and decide to apply for all the jobs your eyes can see- beautiful! But not helpful. You are probably going to spend the next couple of day answering calls from companies you don’t even know asking you to apply for a job you are not familiar.

Stop beating around the bush, instead, maintain a list of possible companies of firms you are interested in working in. ┬áBe it a dream job or a dream company, make sure you have a clear list of all the places you see yourself working in and apply only to those companies first. Very few get to work their dream job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot!

2.Cookie-cutter Resumes!

Yes, searching for jobs can make one a little antsy, but don’t let that get in the way of your productivity. Sending every company the same resume saves up a lot of time, but you are not making an effort to stand out. Also, no two companies are the same; every business has its set of requirements, its methodology, and its style and your cookie cutter resume will not make it through to them. What you can do is customize you resume by the company you are sending it to. Better yet, mimic the wording style of the business’s job advertisement into your resume- that shows that you are more suitable for the job they have in hand.

3.Be Quick in Your Response

Delay response equals to lack of interest; now you wouldn’t want your potential employer to think that you are not interested in the job. Be quick in your responses to company emails. Faster responses make it easy for companies to move ahead with the interview process. It also shows your eagerness, willingness and your precision with time. Should the circumstances arise and you are unable to respond immediately, get back to the company at a comfortable time and apologize for the delay.

4.Plan Ahead For Interview Day.

That is right- the interview is not a schedule in your day but the major event in your day. So plan your day with the interview as the primary focus. Do not expect to handle a myriad of task on the day of the meeting- that will only tire you out and make you seem less enthusiastic, not to mention stressful. Instead, ensure that you have no plans or errands to run on the day of the interview, and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the interview.

5.Be You

Yes, it might sound cheesy, but in all honesty, it works. When faced with a challenge it is always best to be yourself instead of posing to be someone else. Be honest, don’t hide anything and don’t apologize for things- you are being interviewed not put in a confession stand. If there was a gap in your resume where you were unemployed due to family or personal concerns, do not apologize for it, instead, own it. In short, be confident, employers like that.

And that brings us to the end of our list- we admit it is short, but these simple pointers will get you through! Perhaps you would like to add some tips to out list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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