PoachMe is a confidential online platform to recruit and get hired!

PoachMe is an online job marketplace which matches jobseekers with job offers.

PoachMe makes finding a job or the perfect candidate - Simpler, Faster, Easier and Smarter.

Our Story

It all started with this simple question!

Why is the recruitment process or the job hunting process so painful and complex?

We would have experienced ourselves as professionals, applying to dozens of jobs and never even receiving an acknowledgement email back. Jobseeker were discouraged by the monotonous and lengthy process of searching and applying for jobs offers on traditional job boards and getting frustrated attending unsolicited calls from multiple recruiters.

Same way, as hiring managers, we were frustrated by all the time and effort it took to find matching talents. So much of time is wasted in mining the databases or sifting through unqualified and irrelevant resumes.

Our Solution

We started discussing and debating on how to fix this broken link in recruitment.

We saw a huge opportunity in making this time consuming and complex recruitment activity more efficient for both jobseekers and employers by use of technology and making it mobile and cost effective.

We decided to develop an online confidential talent sourcing and matching platform that directly connects the corporate recruiters with the hard to reach passive and active jobseekers. This will re-invent and revolutionise the complex job search process, allowing the jobs to find matching candidates.

Recruitment is getting personal and the days of "post and wait" in job websites are over. Mobile devices allow jobseekers and employers to get what they want and when they want, hence we decided to go mobile in Android and iOS platforms.

That's how PoachMe was born!!

Why it is Confidential?

Why we decided to keep the whole process confidential?

Simple! To hide your job search from the boss and keep it off from his radar.

Looking for a job while you already have one can be stressful, especially in the age of social media when privacy is scarce. You don't want to rock the boat at your current company but at the same time you want to find the next great opportunity.

PoachMe makes it easier for passive jobseekers to hunt and analyze new opportunities even if they are not actively looking out.

Often passive jobseekers do not have the time to do a dedicated job search and be active in various job boards, therefore we have developed our platform to accommodate different types of professionals at any stage of their career. This ensures that none of the jobseekers misses out on a great career opportunity ever again and employers are able to reach the most talented candidates.

Keeping jobseeker profiles anonymous allows PoachMe to more easily attract both passive and active talents. Jobseeker using PoachMe enjoy anonymity by being able to keep their contact information private until they accept a job match by employer.

Our innovative unique job matching algorithm will match jobseeker's experience, skills, industry vertical, salary, designation and location preferences with the available job openings. The job matches and jobseeker interests are delivered directly to the PoachMe mobile App's inbox then we introduce the jobseeker and employer to each other only when both of them have agreed for a Handshake.

What PoachMe Offers?

We offer an online job matching algorithm which acts as your virtual recruitment consultant!!

PoachMe's job matching algorithm analyses hundreds of job openings and thousands of jobseekers and match suitable jobs to the jobseekers and helps establishing a confidential and direct contact between the jobseeker and recruiter. In other words our matching algorithm is your online headhunter!!

For employers - No more database searching, no more sifting through unqualified and irrelevant resumes, no more monotonous resume sourcing and cold calling to jobseekers.

For jobseekers - No more posting of resumes in job boards and waiting for offers and make your job search visible to the entire world, no more blind search and apply for jobs in job boards expecting a reply.

Our goal is simple; Get Hired. Confidentially!!

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