Four steps for finding the Right Job

Four steps for finding the Right Job

Going on a job hunt is a job in itself, and if you are trying to look for the right job, you know you already have your plates full. Finding the right job for you will take a lot of time and will put you down a path of trial and error along the way. You will need to take things slow and not work in haste, what seemed like a “Dream job” might not be so after a week of working and then you might be stuck with a job you do not like. To make things a bit easier for you, we have come up with little ways in which you can ensure that you are at least on the right path towards your dream job.

1. Know What You Want

The best way to find the right job for you is to find what exactly it is that you would like to do. Start by writing down a list of the skills you excel in and highlight the skill sets you to feel most confident in or wish to pursue in. Next, write down your goals and objectives and then make another list charting all of your work experience. Use all three lists to narrow down on what you want and what work you enjoy doing. Thinking of where you see yourself in five years is one way you can narrow down on job prospects too. Once you know what skills set and type of work you are looking for, search online for jobs that are similar to your idea of a dream job.

2. Build Your Resume

The main reason why we suggested looking for the job online before you work on your resume is so that you can use the words and phrases describing your dream job on your resume. Mimicking the words of the job description on your resume is one of the many ways in which you can impress the company. Also, your research about the job will give you enough understanding of what the job requires and what companies are on the lookout for. Use that information to work on your resume. Refer to books and search online for resume templates and use them as a reference for your resume. Make sure you are honest on your resume and don’t add fictional skills and experience. Once you have completed working on your resume ask for reviews and suggestions, preferably from someone with equal experience or higher in position.

3. Campaign

Now that you know what job you are looking for, and you have penned down a good resume to back you up, it is time to advertise yourself to the companies around you. Before you blindly begin to send resume to every company in sight, look through the list of businesses and group them in accordance to your preference. For example, the first group will include companies you want to work in; the second group will include companies you would consider working in, and the third group consists of companies you are not sure about but willing to give a try if offered. Send your resume to the first and second panel first and mention that you are available and prepared to have an interview over the phone. This makes it easier for companies to contact you, since, interview done in person bites off a good portion of time, an interview over the phone is a whole lot convenient.

4. Be Prepared

With all the work done on your part, now you will have to wait for the company to get in touch with you. While you wait, look up books and search online for content and information on how to present yourself for an interview. It is always better to make an educated guess than to make an ignorant remark. Once the meeting date is set, check with the company for the correct date, time and make yourself available for the set date. After the interview is over send the company or the HR a thank note, either by post or through e-mail. Let them know you appreciate them for their time. This small gestures will leave a good impression of you.

There is no sure way, short cut route to getting your dream job, especially in today’s world where jobs are more segregated and specialized to particular fields of work. You will need to work your way through, test waters and experience work front to fully understand which job is the right one for you, that which can turn into a lifelong career. A job that you would love to pursue. Until you find the right one, you will have try and try and try.

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