How To Create The Perfect Workspace Environment

How To Create The Perfect Workspace Environment

Your work desk and your office can play a huge role in you, your thinking and your work. The setting of office spaces has recently become a big issue as scientists have managed to link productivity to the office environment. Given that on an average a working human spend close to 40 hours or more at his desk working, it makes sense that the office space indirectly has an influence on employees.

If you are looking to spice up for office space, how about letting good old science lead the way instead of an interior designer. We are going to look at ways you can create the perfect workspace environment.

1. Light it up

Natural lighting is the way to go. If you are on the lookout for an office space, try opting for one that has a good set of windows or has access to natural light source AKA the sun. Scientists have discovered that when sunlight hits our skin, our bodies release nitric oxide, a compound that aids in dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure levels. In other words, sunlight is a high stress and mood reliever. Plus the additional sunlight reduces your electricity bills. Adequate sunlight also deprives you of sleep, while sitting in a dungeon-like, artificially lit space will wreck havoc to your sleep cycle. Go for office spaces with good natural lighting in them.

2. Windows Galore

Remember how you could get in trouble if you stared out the window during class? Well, you are safe now. Looking out the window at a park nearby or perhaps some trees is an excellent way to relieve you of stress and a real escape from work-related thoughts. Instead of positioning work desk away from the window, place them in front of the window or opt to have them on the side. The occasional glances out the window are good ways to relax your eyes from constantly scanning your computer screen.  Sitting with little to no window access could block your creativity. If windows are scarce in your office space, try going out for a walk now and then as a well-needed break. If you are looking to buy an office space, either look for one with windows or one that has a park nearby.

3. Customization Is Key

An independent study was once done on how productivity is affected when employees were restricted. The study divided workers into two groups; while one group was given freedom to personalize their workspace, the other was denied of this. The team given freedom gave out 30% more productivity that their restricted counterpart.

If you are an employer, allow your employees to personalize their workspace. A personalized work desk makes it easier for employees to work. Picture of family, pets or quotes makes the space personal and safe, leading to unbound creativity and productivity.

4. Bring Your Plant To Work

Plants add the perfect level of freshness and color to an otherwise, dull office space. The color green is perfect for it pleasing effect and having that one little leafy fellow at your work desk to take care of makes office life a little relaxing. Offices have now begun to incorporate plants in their interior space. Try having a small, easy to care for a houseplant in your workstation. It helps in bringing down stress and not to mention; plants are natural air purifiers.

5. Hodgepodge Is Good

Surprisingly, us humans work best in a cluttered environment. Another independent study showed that when people were put to sit in a cluttered work desk, they came up with quick solutions and creative suggestion when compared to individuals who sat in a clean and well-kept work desk. Clutter and unorganized work desk help fuel creativity while well-organised desks lead to restricted and controlled attitude. We suggest you maintain an organized mess to inspire you at work. As long as you know where everything is, you should be good to go.

6. Give Them Space

We live in the age of minimalism and appreciating wide open space, even if these wide open spaces are made of concrete. Modern day infrastructure focuses on open spaces and high ceiling. Instead of dumping your employees in small cubicles lined from wall to wall opt to make use of the space by accentuating it – Spread the out the work desk across the floor and set up light closer to the ceiling. Creating a less crowded up environment gets rid of the stressful aura.

7. Curvy Is In

Studies conducted by Sibel Dazkir and Marilyn Read proved that people appreciate rounded furniture in comparison to square or pointed ones. Rounded furniture layout gave a more polished look, a more comfortable appeal and reduced your chances of getting hurt bumping into them.

There is so much you can do with office space and the effect it has on your employees. The key to design is that you focus on space, color, and lighting.

We love hearing from you, so do drop us a line if you know of any other ways of creating the perfect work environment. Once you have done that, why not head on over to our main site PoachMe to get the taste of what going on in the job seeking industry. PoachMe strives to create the perfect (and safe) stage where candidates and companies come together, so click here, head on over and see how things are going.

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