Do’s and Don’t’s Of Interview Etiquette

Interview Etiquette

You have written yourself an excellent resume, got the call from the company of your dream and now, you are waiting for the interview date to flow in. Only this time, happiness is not the only emotion you feel- a whirlpool of anxiety, nervousness, and fear mingle in your stomach, and you feel light-headed. We have been there, and we know how you feel on the eve of the interview day, so we have packed this blog post with a list of do’s and don’t’s for you to follow through as your handle your meeting.

1.Do Your Homework

In other words, do your research about the company that is interested in you. Be well informed of the company’s main idea and their direction, their purpose and how they lead the business. Dig into the history of the company and also any recent news on the ventures taken up by the corporation and try incorporating them into your interview. Many interviewers ask the candidate about the enterprise, and many of them were mostly speechless. Have an idea of what your company does and speak openly as it will boost your chances of getting selected.


Pretend that you are taking the interview and practice answering a list of questions the interviewer could potentially ask you. Generic questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” or “What can you bring to the table?”. The basis is that you need to train your mind to relax while preparing itself for the actual interview. Running with mock interviews gives you more control and confidence when faced with the real one.

3.Dress to kill

We are not suggesting that you dress to commit murder but to dress up to the occasion. Ever heard of the saying ‘clothes make the man’? How you present yourself to others shows how much you value yourself in a public setting.When attending an interview, wear well ironed modest clothes, attires that are suited for a formal occasion. Dresses that are too dressy, showy or inappropriate might not gel well with what the interviewer has in mind. Chances are, your chances of getting hired could get stunted because of bad fashion choices.

4.Mind your language

We are specifically talking about your body language. How you sit and how you place your hands speaks louder than your words in the interview room. Slouching or looking down most of the time shows you are not interested in the meeting- that is not okay. Hiding your hands or fidgeting with them shows you are nervous- that is not okay either. Not having eye-contact with the interviewer is another sign that shows you are not interested. Avoid all of this a much as you can and instead, focus on

– making eye contact with the interviewer

– moving your hands/making frequent hand gestures

– standing/ sitting straight.

Body language is crucial and when used skillfully can have a great leverage on you getting hired.

5.Turn off distractions.

Mobile phones are perhaps the greatest entertainment in this world- avoid them at all costs when in the interview room. It is a hard and fast rule to turn off your mobile or to switch it to silent mode before you go in to get interviewed. Your phone ringing, while you are in the middle of the interview, is not only distracting but also gives the wrong impression, so avoid putting yourself in such a situation.

6.Do Smile

Interviews are tough, yes, but they are not that hard- so stop stressing over them. Many interviewers have expressed that they were often put-off by the candidate’s non-smiling demeanor. A smile shows that you are confident and open to suggestions and willingness to listen. It also eases the tense situation in the room, making it better for conversations to flow. So relax your shoulders and let out a smile.

To keep things short, be clear, be confident and smile and you are ready to go!

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