Eight Simple Ways To Make The Best Of Your Workday

Eight Simple Ways To Make The Best Of Your Workday

Sweden relatively recently came up with the six-hour work per day rule where employees work only for six hours, every day. While that rule might not get implemented in other countries for some time now, we have decided to instead focus on ways you can make the best use of your workday irrespective of how long the duration of daily work is.

1. Plan Ahead

The secret to taking full advantage of your workday is to plan your job ahead of time, preferably the night before. Write down a list of to-do you wish to complete the next day as planning well ahead, gets you ready to achieve the set goals. It also reduces the time spent the next day, thinking about what you should do and what is wanted from you. Planning also clears you of doubts and other queries you might have regarding the job and also mentally prepares you for tomorrow. Having a good plan rids the mind of stress and anxiety. Some recommend planning for the week or the month ahead as well, but it all depends on your work. Either way, just make sure you plan ahead before taking the plunge.

2. Prioritize and categorize your tasks

Now that you have planned ahead, you will get an idea of which task requires your immediate attention and which work can be done at a later time. Go through the list of tasks you have and categorize them in the order of importance. By prioritizing your workload, you will be better prepared to handle the job and also would have created a system for yourself by which you can tackle each task. Categorizing your task according to their priority makes time management a breeze as well. Just make sure you have a bit extra time on your hand in case of sudden change in plans.

3. Set Mini-Goals

Once you have prioritized your task, set mini goals within each task. Setting mini goals is an excellent way to gauge and track the efficiency of the work being done. Breaking a bigger task into small set mini goals is one good tactic to handle and complete a daunting task. Not to mention, completing each set mini goal is a compelling motivator.

4. Avoid Distractions

At all cost, avoid taking part in workplace gossip, office politics, personal calls, social media, and emails. Such diversions are easy distractions and time-consuming activities. You simply cannot give your best to your work when you are distracted, so it is best to avoid such distractions at all costs. Unnecessary distractions can take your attention from the priority at hand, leading to frustration and stress to complete the unfinished task. We are not suggesting that you cut all ties and contact with work colleagues but keep them to the minimum during work hours, you can be social after work ends. During work hours, focus only on your task at hand and dedicate your time to it. Cut your ties with social media and your phone while in the workspace.

5. Use Time Wisely

On an average, a human being spent right about 16-20 hours a year stuck in traffic, which is close to a day. You cannot simply let a day go to waste without any productivity now, can you? While commuting to work try listening to podcast or audiobooks on informative subjects. Podcasts can be an excellent way to learn about a particular topic and don’t require much work on your part except for listening. The topic of the podcast could differ from an issue or a top related to your job or an educational topic of your choice, as long as you make sure you optimize the time spent traveling around.

6. Take A Break

Whether you work for eight hours or ten, you will need a break now and then if you want to give your best. Continuously sitting and working at your desk will result in stress, irritation, and unnecessary mood swings. Take two set of breaks during the day, eat a snack or go out and get some fresh air, make sure you stay away from your work for a while. Getting away from your workstation for a while will help you refresh your thoughts, and give you a bit of much-needed rest, for your eyes.

7. Get Some Sleep

In keeping with the theme of the previous point, it is essential that you allow a time slot of 7-8 eights hours of sleep every night. Sleep is very much needed for your body to restore the energy that was spent during the day. If you have a very uneven sleep cycle, chances are your performance will be uneven as well. Without a well-rested mind, you cannot give your best to your work. Always ensure that you when you get home, you spend time unwinding yourself, from work and all the stress involved with it. Dedicated a fixed period towards sleeping and religiously follow it every day.

8. Be Positive

What you think is what you are- if you are going to be grumpy and angry, that will reflect on the work you do that day. Face each day with a positive attitude and be open to challenges. Face every issue in a positive light and take up any challenges that come your way. Also, be open to new opportunities – be it work or learning. Even if you are expert at your job, do not assume that you know everything, be open to every occasion and learn from them.

There are much more ways to effectively make use of workday and make work a little easier to handle. In all, the completion of the work begins with taking the first step, which is taking up the task and making an effort to complete it.

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