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Looking for a job while you already have one can be stressful, especially in the age of social media when privacy is scarce. You don't want to rock the boat at your current company but at the same time you want to find the next great opportunity.

So how can you keep your job search off your manager's radar?

Launching PoachMe!!


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Matching jobseekers to vacancies - PoachMe simplifies recruitment.

PoachMe is an ingenious job matching application that makes both job hunting and recruiting a breeze. Here's how our confidential job matching process works.


Sign up & create a profile snapshot, make yourself available to recruiters and hiring managers, without exposing your identity or giving up contact details!! Just fill the provided template and post the same. It just takes 5 minutes to fill.

Your name, mobile number & email ID isn't shared with the employer until you agree and accept the Handshake invite, so you can use PoachMe even if you are not actively looking out.

Get Alerts

PoachMe's Matching Algorithm matches you with the right jobs. Make sure your snapshot is up to date with your latest job details, skills, industry vertical, expected salary, designation location preferences, etc.

Matches are delivered as private alerts to your Smartphone App and as private email notifications to your inbox. Review the job openings anonymously and initiate the Handshake if found interesting.


Review the matching job opening anonymously, initiate a Handshake or pass on the match. Your dashboard gives all the statistics and details on Matching Jobs & Handshakes initiated by you and employers.

If the Employer has already initiated the Handshake for a job you will get an alert on your Smartphone App/Web App Inbox, You can review and Accept/Deny the Handshake request.


On successful Handshake, your contact details are shared with the prospective employer and the employer's contact details are shared with you. You can then communicate with each other over an email, message or a call to set up an interview.

PoachMe keeps your job search private and confidential. No more fear of pesky bosses and colleagues taking a sneak peek into your online presence for job search.

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PoachMe is not a job board hence we do not ask for your resume, instead create your PoachMe profile to get matched with jobs relevant to you. Your profile will contain everything relevant for getting notifications on matching jobs. Our matching algorithm matches your key attributes like Skills, Experience, Salary, Job Location, Qualification, Notice Period, etc. Your Name, Mobile Number and email details are kept confidential and cannot be viewed by employers until you review and accept the Handshake invite.

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Engage confidentially, your contact information is shared only to the employers whom you wish. No Resume to be shared, just fill the profile snapshot to showcase what they most want to know.

Technology & Accessibility

We offer extraordinary functionality and accessibility with the help of latest technologies. Connect with employers anywhere, anytime with our Mobile App designed for Android & iOS.

Direct Reach

You can reach hundreds of great employers directly in a single tap. Stop wasting time on job boards, PoachMe positions you to the best employers directly, so you can jump ahead in your career.

Privacy & Control

Matches flow privately and confidentially to your inbox and you decide if you're interested or not. Our algorithm finds and matches you with great positions and help you find your dream job.

No needless digging or searching

We match you with jobs that fit you best, no resumes and no job boards to dig and waste time on. Employers discover you and Job openings come to you privately.

Passive Job Search

Since the profiles are displayed anonymously, you can be active in PoachMe and be updated about the trends in job market even if you are not actively looking out.

Keep your job search off your manager's radar!!

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How you are connected with the recruiter?

PoachMe’s Handshake Process.

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