What Goes On In The Minds Of A Recruiter

What Goes On In the Mind Of Recruiter

Ever wondered how to prepare yourself for that interview? Don’t know what to say or how to phrase it? Instead of giving you the run of the mill list of things you can and can’t do before or during an interview, we have decided to show what the recruiters think or want from you A.K.A. the potential candidate. So continue reading as we list out things recruiters wish they see in their candidates

1.Know About The Company

Recruiter like it when they come across a candidate that knows the company and what they do. In hindsight, it is quintessential that candidates educate themselves about the business before they go in for an interview. Being aware of the company, its history and what they specialize in gives the candidates a better understanding of what they need to do and whether they can fit in with the company’s image. Prior knowledge also makes it easier for the recruiter to communicate his/her ideas to the candidate. Candidates who have often surprised recruiters with their knowledge on the potential company tend to have a higher level of getting hired. So do your research.

2.Speak Their Language

Gone are the days where candidates merely shook their heads and spoke only when asked to. Recruiters now what the candidates to pose the questions. When candidates come up with issues that show that they have taken the time to dig out information about the company and are genuinely interested in the companies welfare and image. Candidates that pose a question and give suggestion about the enterprise tend to create an impression in the recruiter’s mind as well. It also shows that the candidate is confident and willing to learn.

3.Use Your Social Media

Having a rather social, social media can do you more good than bad in this present day and age, and especially if you happen to be on the look for a job, or even trying in impress your potential company. Usually, recruiters have come across candidates who, after the interview, managed to follow the company’s social feed and post/ repost the company’s post. Doing so increases the SEO credibility of the business which is ideal for the firm and also gives them a very pleasing impression of you.

4.Prove Yourself

Seeing is believing is one proverb that could get you your dream job. As of now, companies are more open to giving the candidate a trial week or period where the potential candidate put the pedal to the medal as they show what they’ve got. The most candidate usually requests for a one week trial where they work in the company, showing them what they can do in the given environment. This gives the recruiter a better idea of how the candidate performs and if he/she is eligible for the work.

In short, as a candidate, you need to

  1. Do you research
  2. Get in the same frequency as your recruiter
  3. Put our question, suggestions and opinions
  4. Ask them for ways you can prove yourself to them.

With all things being said and done, you need to apply for a job and be available to set the ball rolling. All the best!

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