How to Maintain Privacy During Job Search: 5 Practical Tips

Searching for a new job when you already have one is tricky business. You may not be actively looking out, maybe you just want to keep an eye out for a better opportunity. But not all organizations have the culture and openness to accept change.

Sometimes, the nature of the business, or the importance of your role, etc. might make the news of your intention to switch jobs a bit more difficult for your company to process. The knowledge that you are on the lookout might impact your career and it could make your job security disappear. And if the job hunt takes longer than you expected, there could be more complications. That is why it is important to maintain confidentiality during job search.

How to maintain Privacy while Searching for a Job

Benefits of maintaining privacy & confidentiality during Job search:

● Reduces any unease at your current job & within your current team
● Personal concern and anxiety over job security is avoided
● Lesser anxiety means lesser stress levels and better productivity
● In case you decide to withdraw the job search for some reason, it helps you maintain status quo
● New projects and assignments in your current job will continue to come your way
● When you do find a better opportunity, you can plan to transition smoothly
● You have the time to make plans to handover in a proper and mutually beneficial manner before moving out

Practical tips on how to get hired confidentially:

Here is a list of 5 practical ways to make sure your job hunt stays under the radar.

Tip 1: Keep your job search away from your workplace

● Do not use your office email account, telephone or computer system for your job search.
● Do not discuss the job search activities with your colleagues. As you may already know, news travels fast within workplaces, and news about someone who is planning to quit travels faster!
● Do not give reference of your current boss or colleagues before you get an offer.

Tip 2: Be cautious and careful about using social media for your job search

Social Media can be good for connections. But be cautious about using it for connecting with potential employers or making any announcements indicating that you are searching for a job. Even if you spend a lot of time in making your posts private or specific to a group, the news might spread eventually. Because the core service of any social networking sites is ‘ to network’, which means they want to spread the word and share your news with your network. So, be cautious and careful about using social media for job search.

Tip 3: Schedule interviews outside office hours

Try to schedule interviews personally with your potential future employer, after office hours. If you schedule phone calls or skype interviews during office hours, it might affect your productivity and also send out a wrong signal about your values as an employee.

Tip 4: Do not lose focus at your current job

Having the right job is about achieving your career goals and your life’s purposes. So, every assignment or job that you have should take you closer to that career goal. Losing focus in your current job will not only take you away from your career goal, but it might impact your overall standing in the market as a value-adding employee. So give your 100% in your current job even when you are searching for a new opportunity. It not only maintains confidentiality with your current workpace, but it also reflects on your values as an employee.

Tip 5: Do not post your resume on job boards or portals

Some job boards and portals have options to block your resume view to certain companies, but this is not sufficient if you want to make your job search truly confidential. The safest route is to refrain from posting your resume in any online forum where it can be searched and viewed easily.

You could directly apply for the positions that you find on job boards, but refrain from publishing your resume and making your job seeking status visible on job boards. You could also directly apply on the prospective company’s career portal directly.

Make sure you inform the recruiters and hiring managers you are working with that your job search must be kept confidential.

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Infographic How to maintain Privacy while Searching for a Job

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