Introducing PoachMe: Recruit and Get Hired Confidentially

Recruitment should be a simple, fast, confidential and efficient process for both candidates and employers. This is the objective with which we created PoachMe, an online recruitment platform to recruit efficiently and get hired confidentially.

As a team, we have a collective experience of more than 25+ years in senior management roles in the recruitment industry. Being part of this industry for so long not only gave us deep insights into its unique challenges, but also gave us a passion to try and solve these problems.

Introducing PoachMe Get Hired Confidenitally

Current challenges faced by candidates:

  • Lack of confidentiality: Candidates find that the process of getting hired is not confidential. After they apply, their details are available to any company that buys access to a job portal. What if their current boss comes across his/her resume? Would that affect their career?
  • Not a comfortable environment for job search: There is a substantial percentage of candidates who do not actively present themselves in the job market because of lack of confidentiality. They remain passive even though they have the potential to get hired for a better opportunity. They do not actively look for openings because they are not comfortable applying for jobs in an environment that is not confidential. So the resumes of many good candidates are simply not available in the database of job portals.
  • Complexity: Even active candidates are overwhelmed by the complexity of the process, applying for dozens of jobs on job portals and not even receiving an acknowledgement email.
  • Lengthy Process: Candidates find the process of getting hired lengthy and monotonous.
  • Unsolicited calls: After candidates post their resume, they start getting unsolicited calls from multiple recruiters who may or may not fully understand the true potential and skill set of the candidate.

So, candidates are looking for a confidential, simple and efficient recruitment platform that will help them reach their career goals and aspirations.

Current challenges faced by employers:

  • Volume of Resumes: Recruiters and hiring managersˇare overwhelmed with the exhaustive process of trying to match talents among the 1000s of resumes available in job portals.
  • Complexity: Employers spend time, effort and money mining databases and sifting through unqualified and irrelevant resumes.
  • Competition: High competition within the recruitment fraternity to reach the easily available Active Candidates.
  • Expensive: Though Social Media is helping to find and connect Passive Candidates, it proves to be a costly and time-consuming process.

So, employers are looking for a simple solution that will efficiently match their need with the skill set of the candidate. And recruiters/hiring managers are looking for a way to directly and confidentially connect with the right candidate, once the talent-match is done.

Introducing PoachMe: Recruit and Get Hired Confidentially

PoachMe is an innovative, technology-enabled recruitment platform that connects candidates and recruiter confidentially.

PoachMe uses a unique and innovative job-matching algorithm to match the candidate?s experience, skills, industry vertical, salary, designation and location preference with available job openings, making the process of hiring simple, quick, automated and efficient. Think of PoachMe as your confidential, virtual head-hunter!

Technology-enabled solution:

We used technology and a proprietary job-matching algorithm to solve the complexity of talent-matching, so that employers can focus on connecting with the right candidates instead of spending their precious time sifting through resumes.

And candidates can use our technology to apply only for jobs that precisely match their skills, goals and aspirations. They can apply in total confidence – having the choice to reveal their identity only after there is a perfect match in skill set and only if they are comfortable with the company.

Mobile Apps:

We have mobile apps on Apple and Android platforms, to ensure that candidates and employers are able to connect instantly and confidentially with each other.

Introducing Handshake:

Handshake is a unique feature in our platform (and on our mobile apps) and first-of-its-kind in the Indian recruitment industry. We believe that this simple feature will transform the way employers and candidates connect with each other in the days to come.

How it works:

Step 1: The candidate registers on PoachMe providing details.
But unlike other job portals, the details are not publicly listed. Candidate’s name, mobile number & email ID are not shared with the employer until he agrees and accepts the Handshake invite. So the candidate can use PoachMe confidentially even if he is not actively looking out.

Step 2: The recruiter registers and posts the details of the job opening.
Unlike other job portals, all details are not listed. Only key details like job title, company name, expected experience range, key skills, industry, job location, offered salary and job description are listed. The recruiter may or may not choose to give details like expected notice period, team handling experience the role demands, passport, visa, languages known, number of vacancies and educational details. The recruiter’s name, mobile number & email ID isn’t shared with the candidate until he agrees and accepts the Handshake invite.

Step 3: Our unique job matching engine matches the jobs with candidates based on key attributes.

Step 4: Both the candidate and employer gets a private matching alert to their Smartphone mobile app or Web app Inbox. A private email notification is also sent to both on the match.

Step 5: Candidates and recruiters can review the matching job opening/ candidate profile anonymously, and then either initiate a Handshake or pass over the match.

Step 6: If the candidate initiates the Handshake first, the request moves to the recruiter for his review. Recruiter will have an option to either accept the Handshake or deny the Handshake. Vice versa happens if the recruiter initiates the Handshake.

Step 7: If the Handshake request is accepted either by candidate or by the employer, candidate’s contact details are shared privately with the prospective employer and the employer’s contact details are shared privately with the candidate. They both can then communicate with each other over email, message or a call to set up an interview.

What does it cost?

As an introductory offer, PoachMe services are completely FREE for both candidates and recruiters, for a limited period of time. Register now for free, to avail this offer.

Future pricing:

For candidates: It will always be completely FREE!

For employers: Our pricing model is simple and straightforward, without any hidden charges or confusing options. We will charge based on Handshake credits used.

The following scenarios constitutes one Handshake credit
1. Handshake request initiated by Employer
– Handshake request accepted by the Candidate.
– Handshake request declined by the Candidate.
2. Handshake request initiated By Candidate
– Handshake request accepted by the Employer.

We offer 25 Handshake credits as one pack. We charge just Rs. 299 per Handshake credit used with 3 user logins and unlimited job postings.

Connect with us

Visit our website to learn more about us and to register online. You can also contact us at [email protected] or call us at (044) 49580123 to get more information about how we can help you achieve your recruitment or career goal.

As a team, we are excited about the possibilities of revolutionising the Indian recruitment industry in the days to come. Thank you for registering and partnering with us in this process. We look forward to serving you as your confidential, virtual head-hunter.

All the best!

2 thoughts on “Introducing PoachMe: Recruit and Get Hired Confidentially

  1. Srikanth Rengarajan

    PoachMe is a revolutionary product which addresses the pain point of millions of recruiters and hiring managers. In my years of HR experience I have faced several challenges in giving the right solution to my clients due to duplication of CV’s and right talent. PoachMe is a disruptive product offering which exactly addresses this. I am extremely impressed to finally see a technology which gets across to passive job seekers. I am sure this will be a big game changer to the Indian recruitment industry and I wish the PoachMe team good luck and hope this young team go places.

    Srikanth Rengarajan
    Executive Director & President
    ManpowerGroup India

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind wishes sir!!

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