8 Practical Tips to Become a Most Wanted Candidate in the Job Market

Good candidates are always in demand. Companies are looking for that perfect employee all the time. Even though the job market seems to have 1000s of people wanting jobs, the reality is, only a few of those candidates would fit into the ‘Most-wanted’ category with all the desirable qualities. Here is a list of practical tips on how you can become that ‘Most-wanted’ candidate.

8 Practical Tips to become a Most Wanted candidate in the job market

Benefits of becoming a most-wanted candidate:

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy as a most-wanted candidate
● You will have the option of choosing the company that you think is right for you
● You can negotiate a compensation that suits your skill and experience
● You can negotiate on the job responsibility and profile
● You can discuss location options with the employer
● You can discuss possibilities of flexi-timings and other benefits
● You can ensure that your career helps you move towards your life’s goal and purpose

8 Practical Tips to become a Most Wanted candidate in the job market

1. Be a Specialist

Being ‘Jack of all trade and Master of none’ is not a desirable quality in a job market. Generalists are important and are have some demand, but they are not the most-wanted candidates. Specialist are always in high demand. You should be known in the job market for something unique.

Practical action points:
● List down all that you do and try to figure out one area that you like to specialize in (and that should be something that is also in demand)
● Once you pick out your unique area, find out if you can get certified in that area by doing a special course or online certification
● Start writing blogs on that subject
● Share your thoughts on the subject in social media
● Highlight it in your resume
● Attend events and conferences on that subject
● Network with other specialists in the same subject

2. Be a Leader

Leaders are in high demand. Leadership is not about your position in the organisation. You can be a leader at any level of the hierarchy. It is about character. It is about who you are and how you go about doing what you do. Developing your leadership skills can help not only your career but also your personal life. Companies are looking for people with good leadership skills, in all levels.

Practical action points:
● Watch other leaders in your workplace – this is one of the best ways to learn
● Read books on leadership
● Attend seminars and conferences on leadership
● Take up leadership responsibilities at work
● Speak positively

3. Be a Team Player

Companies are built of and by people. So if you are a team-player you have a very high chances of becoming a most-wanted candidate for any job opening. Interpersonal skills can help you go up the ladder very quickly. It requires maturity, leadership, communication skills, magnanimity and understanding to be a good team player.

Practical action points:
● Notice how you interact with your team. Be conscious of how they react to you.
● Get honest feedback from your team members and change in any areas that you need to change in
● Get feedback from your friends and family
● Always put the interest of the team before your personal interest
● Genuinely care for others

4. Be a Curious Learner

Albert Einstein said, ”Once you stop learning, you stop dying”. This is so true in the job market. Anyone who stops learning will get stagnated in their career; they might even start going down the ladder when other people compete for the position. To be a most-wanted candidate continue to learn. Be curious about your industry, ask questions and find answers. Organisations are always looking for curious learners.

Practical action points:
● Ask more questions about your industry and subjects related to your industry
● Use Google and online search to find answers
● Read books
● Do self-learning online courses
● Determine to learn at least one new concept every week in your area of work

5. Be Bold & Confident

Economies are growing and companies are looking for bold and confident candidates who can be part of their team. Confidence shows how assured you are about your work. This can make you a most-wanted candidate for any position. Confidence is a balance between being aggressive and being analytical in your decision making, and that can increase your value in the job market.

Practical action points:
● List down any mental fears that might be holding you from being bold
● Get feedback from friends and family about your boldness level
● Get professional help if need be
● Read books and blogs from achievers
● Keep your motivation levels high

6. Be Open Minded

Life is full of surprises. Work-life is no exception, it is filled with constant changes and surprises. So companies look for a certain degree of ‘open-mindedness’ in candidates to deal with change. Being open to change, to new ideas, to new approaches and new opportunities can make you a most-wanted employee.

Practical action points:
● Try to have some quiet time every day before you start work and think about challenges and probable ways of solving them
● Listen more. When you listen with 100% effort you will find that you start becoming open to other people’s inputs and thoughts and that can help in opening your mind.
● Read more – Books can help you look at life and work in a new light.
● Travel more – Traveling opens your mind to new cultures and perspectives
● Relax more – Always being stressed could reduce your open-mindedness.

7. Be Honest & have Integrity

This is one quality that can help you become a ‘Most wanted’ candidate in any job market. The corporate world is a small world and word travels very fast. When you are looking for a job, your honesty and integrity can be key factors that can land you in a good job opening even if you are not completely qualified or experienced. Reputation and trust in the market are key factors that good organisations look for.

Practical action points:
● In your CV or in the Interviews, be open and share the facts as they are
● Even if you have not been honest and integral decide that you will start changing now
● Resolve within you that you will make honesty and integrity a part of your everyday life – personal and work life
● Take feedback from your family and friends on any areas where you may need to improve

8. Be a Visionary

Organisations look for people who can have a purpose and vision not only for their own work life, but also for the department, their company and their area of work. That’s because businesses profit when they are able to predict the future and build products and services accordingly. Here is a list of practical tips to help you become a visionary.

Practical action points:
● Books, Blogs and Books! – Reading can help you get various perspectives and develop a vision
● Listen to your customers – We talked about this earlier, listening helps . Listening to your customers and the market can help you understand their pain points and help you build a vision to solve those pain points.
● Be positive – Negativity kills creativity. Be positive, speak the right words and keep away from negative surroundings and negative people.
● Remove fear of failure – Most people fear failure and do not dare to envision a radical future. Remove fear of failure from your heart and dream impossible dreams!

All the best for your career!

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Infographic 8 practical tips to become a most wanted candidate in the job market

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