Your role in making your Boss a Leader

Your role in making your Boss a Leader

Bad Boss

We have always heard that people don’t leave organisations they leave  a bad boss. Attrition and low productivity are seen as outcomes of bad bosses always.

On the other hand as a part of the same machinery when you have a bad boss who is stalling your career it is also a responsibility for a professional to help bad bosses to become leaders in due course.

When we say there are no bad pets but only bad trainers there are stories other way around too.

Managing a bad manager is about earning the trust and respect of him together by proving again and again that his goals and your goals are the same in working towards the common objective of the company.

Find out what is keeping your boss all night on the company objectives and work on the same regularly.

Agree on goals spend more time with your boss and provide regular updates and prove that you are trust worthy and responsible.

Ask for help if needed and make him feel important and slowly help him grow in his maturity.

With all these efforts if your Boss is still a bad one its time you escalate or find a suitable good opening that can help you grow better and faster.

If you are stuck with one such bad boss register at and let your dream job find you.

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