Interested in getting the right “Value” for your Talent?

Value Of Talent

Interested in getting the right Value for your Talent? 

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Right talent + Right place = Success

Your 30 year long career definitely needs proper planning. Like in a cricket game, you need to pace it properly between the early, middle and slog phases!

Very often, I find lack of application of mind or inertia amidst successful candidates to try something new at the right time to enhance their marketability.

Many prefer to stay within their comfort zones rather than experiment with new opportunities. Fewprefer to stay in the same industry or same company or same location or even chase the same Boss wherever s/he goes for the sake of comfort.This I believe is a disaster in the making as virtually you are insulating yourself from change which can be career enriching.

In the current volatile scenario, very few organizations get the process right for long time stability and continued success. Many try and reinvent themselves every 5 to 7 years to stay relevant in the context of market or technology changes.Not adding those new skills or not getting into thenew initiatives for improved growth trajectory of business and career at the right time can be costly.

Ask yourself these simple questions to open your mind

  • My skills: Which all companies recruit / advertise for my skill sets? Where all is my skill or a variant of my skill set relevant and valued much? Are they my target employers?If the count is healthy you are ok. If not you are at high risk.
  • My Industry: Where is my industry heading 3 to 5 years from now? Where do I see opportunity within the industry for my current skill sets? Where all can I look out for similar of better jobs within the industry?If the scenario is upbeat, you are ok. If not consider skill addition.
  • New skills: What can I learn more to value add my current skill sets? Are there options for forward/back ward integration to my skill sets for delivering more value, can I learn new skills for improved productivity/cost saving / breakthrough in my area(s) of work?
  • Shelf life for my current skill sets? Will changes in Technology, Regulation, Financial space affect my current skill set big time over 3 to 5 years? What are the opportunities, threats?
  • My location: Am I in the right place for my current skill sets? Will changing my work location help my career growth big time?

Each of these dimensions, if understood well can open up your mind, get you the required clarity for proactive control of your career and maintain 100% engagement in whatever work you take up.

If some of these aspects are unclear, make sure that you network with the right people to keep a tab on trends, target companies and industries. This will certainly help identify the right growth drivers to stabilize your career and make well informed decisions with support from PoachMe

M.Srikaunth, Vice president of a fast growing IT services company.

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