5 Easy Tips To Become A High Performer

Every BIG success, started with a very small initiative!! If you want to transform your life, the time is now and the steps you have to take should be every day. Make your day filled with rituals. Yes!! Like a Vedic student who performs rituals day in and day out to attain eternity, to be happily successful what you should correct is your basic day to day rituals. What you sow, so you reap is the school day proverb we all knew of, every day morning  the way you start your day decides not only your day, but your destination too. There are 5 easy tips you can follow to become a very  high performer in your workplace.

5 Easy Tips To Become A High Performer
5 Easy Tips To Become A High Performer

1. Monday is a Holy Day

Thank you God! It’s Monday.” Starting from the very early stages of work, we always had an attitude towards holidays and have hated workdays. People used to wait for Fridays, so that they get a week end. I’m seeing a culture where working professionals at the second half of the Friday start wishing every one, “Happy week end.”

Are we working, are we taking ownership to the roles we do?

Would we tell the same if we are entrepreneurs of our own business, and when we are aiming growth. Will we hate our growth?

Are we still behaving as waiting to be canned on a Monday morning?

When work is all we’ve got, being a guy who pays the paycheck or the one who receives it doesn’t matter, as long as you worship your work… you grow. When you believe work is worship and growing happily is your birth right, its time you welcome Mondays. This will bring in a lot more energy when you understand.

If you want to become a High performer at workplace,Monday is your “HOLY DAY!”

2. Collaborate & Adapt to Changes

‘High performing executives’ have teamwork skills necessary to work with a wide range of people across the organization. They use their technical expertise to influence stakeholders and contribute to collaborative projects.

Collaborate well with Gen Y people,they can help you grow more from your brick and mortar learning, understand the way they think ,they are going to be the future of growth and decisions of your growth.

3. Upgrade Yourself

Today’s work place is highly competitive where mediocrity is unacceptable. Work continuously to upgrade your skills and knowledge so that your performance stands out from the pack. Seek knowledge everywhere everyday develop yourself with knowledge on international media, trade publications, and websites,in short 3 steps.

– Read every day.
– Keep yourself updated and upgraded in your own domain.
– Spend more time with the performers and successful people.

4. Give Your Best + a Little Extra

To give your best work on the following,

-Focus on strengths & work on your specific abilities and nurture them.
-Hold yourself accountable, step up take responsibility.
-Be open minded ,be ready to try new things.

and when you have given your complete best, give a little extra to whatever you do and that can make all the difference.

5.Keep Faith Above Everything

Formula for success = Intention + Action + Faith

Paulo Coelho in his “Alchemist” explains beautifully, as to how one can sail through life and be successful, with faith on the inner self.Keep your faith above every thing. “None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward; Because we trust! Because we have Faith.” Mostly freshers have tremendous faith, but lose faith when they grow in workplace.. As a professional keep faith that you will GROW and outperform and that will take you to the TOP.

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