DOs and DON’Ts of Passive Job Seeking

Passive Job Seeking

Who is a Passive JOB seeker??

Passive job seeker is one who “currently has a job and not looking out but would be open to explore a better opportunity.”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said “Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you”

For some, it may be clear when to leave a job but for most others they are vague and when the time comes they don’t have a clue on what to do.

It’s always better to have a tab on what’s happening around in the market place and there are ways by which you can search for jobs or find your worth without being social about it. It is always better to look out when you are happy and positive in the current job as the current situation will not only give you an upper hand during negotiations but also will keep you on a high in your career.

In this blog I will give you DOs and DON’Ts of Passive Job Searching.

1. DO Network with Performers & Industry Veterans

If you hang out with Ducks you can only quack, if you are only with eagles you can fly.

Make the most of networking outside your company, be in touch with your EX bosses, collegues and top performers who are outside your industry

This will give you an edge over info on what’s happening in the market and any new openings you can easily know through your references and today most of the good jobs are hired through references.

Keep a gang of HR friends across industries and be aware of the industry payouts and perks.

2. DO NOT Search Jobs in Social Media

Most common mistake people do is being present in social media for hunting jobs, this will only

– Damage the credibility you have in the system.
– Spoil your equity with your boss & colleagues.
– Collapse the present treatment you get inside your circle.
– Initiate bad mouthing and gossips behind your back.

Go through only confidential resources and reliable references.

3.DO NOT Opt for Open JOB Boards/Portals

Most of your HR colleagues have access to all the top performing job boards. Unless you are not bothered of anyone knowing your job search its advisable to stay away from the available Job boards.

Always remember your HR is using the same JOB portals for the new recruitment and there are companies who have resources to check job portals daily only to check if the employees are scouting for jobs outside.

When they find you the first hand info goes to your BOSS.

4. DO Find Good Platform for Passive Job Search

Like a blind date, there is a portal which can help you search for jobs and browse all vacancies available across industries and still you can be anonymous.

You can also download the app for easy use and you can search jobs as follows,

– You can search jobs manually through the search engine and check what suits you and initiate a request to the employer for Handshake.
– Employer can send Handshake request by seeing your profile snapshot(but cannot see your name, number, email and current organization).
– PoachMe’s Matching algorithm automatically matches the JOBs which are suitable for you and sends matching job alerts to you.

In all the three you can choose to just see and ignore by knowing what is available and can apply only when you want.

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