5 Tips To Align Your Career And Personal Goals

Most of the times do you feel being pulled in two different directions by career and personal goals?

Though you know 50-50 balance between these two is going to be practically tough, it is important for you to ensure that your career and personal goals do not work against each other as much as possible.

Your short and long-term goals, along with your personal goals should be considered when making a career decision. Whether considering an internal or external career move, think about the benefits and consequences of the decision on how the this change will impact your pay, where you live, long-term growth, work-life balance?

Following are five tips to gauge whether your career goals are aligned with your personal goals.

1. Set Your Goal:

Do you have a Goal? Do you have a goal that can help your personal purpose too?

The first step is to check with yourself and ask whether achieving the goal supports your life purpose. If not, the goal is not something you should pursue.

A proven technique you can use is to probe deeper into your desire to achieve a particular goal.

  • Ask yourself, “If I achieve this goal, what would I have then that I don’t have now?” When you have an answer, ask the question again. Continue the process until you’ve reached your root desire.
  • When you follow your inner self to set a goal and always make sure you keep your goals high and to get inspired.
  • Have a SMART goal, specific (stretching), measurable, achievable, relevant (to your personnel goals) and time bound.
  • Then ask whether you truly need to achieve the goal to get what you really want.

For example, you may say that you want to earn 10 crore. But upon further questioning, you may realize that what you really crave is the joy of pursuing what you really want to do in life and not 10 Crore, though money is important should you become a millionaire to experience joy? Of course not. Instead, find out all the ways that you can experience what you truly want to feel and be, then make those as your goals.

2. Commit Your Goals on a Paper:

Always write down your goal physically in a note/paper so that you can track it. A recent study has found that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. The importance of committing our desires to paper cannot be overstated. Though it looks a simple process, it pays great dividends. Writing your goals provides you the opportunity to articulate them clearly and makes their achievement appear closer.

Keeping a written goal serves multiple purpose

  • Serves as a permanent record of our progress.
  • Naturally reminds us to articulate next steps.
  • Reminds us to think beyond the obvious.
  • Requires us to think through the why’s & the how’s.

Break your professional goals and personnel goals for the life, year and month. Arrive on daily tasks that support your goal, anything that supports your goal is productivity and if it’s not its mere an activity.

3. Recognize when your intuition speaks:

Start listening to your own self, first place, in order to use your intuition, you must able to recognize it when it speaks to you. Intuition usually isn’t loud or demanding – it’s subtle and communicates in different ways for different people.

  • You may receive visual messages as images that appear in quick flashes or visions that unfold slowly, like a movie.
  • Your intuition might speak to you as a hunch, a thought, or in words.
  • You may even be able to enter into a dialogue with your intuition to get more information and clarity.
  • Sometimes it happens as a BLINK.

If you’ve ever felt that you knew something to be true in the deep of your heart, mind or soul, chances are there it is a message from your intuition.

If at any time you get a wrong intuition about the alignment of your career Vs personnel goals stop progressing and go back to your goal sheet.

Your intuition is like a traffic signal, stop, wait and proceed.

Being in silence for few minutes of a day can improve your intuition skills, the power of doing is always derived from the power of non doing; learn to be in the state of non doing for at least few minutes every day.

4. Get your Finance Right:

To keep your personnel and professional goals in alignment it’s important you take care of your earnings in a scientific way.

Being rich is a moral responsibility of a professional and for that there are unique ways to manage money. if you do not manage money, you will be managed by money.

The only difference between rich and the poor is on the ways they manage money.

Harv Eker introduced to people from all over Asia about the world’s simplest, easiest and most effective money management system.

The most important part of money managing is separating your income into different accounts for specific purposes. I will outline the various accounts for the JARS system as well as their % breakdown of how one should divide their money to manage below:

Financial Freedom Account (FFA)                    = 10%
Long Term Savings For Spending (LTSS)        = 10%
Education (EDUC)                                               = 10%
Necessities (NEC)                                                = 55%
Play                                                                       = 10%
Give                                                                      =   5%

Use the financial freedom account effectively and invest them for the right returns.

Anyone can start using this JARS method of managing their money even though if you think you do not have a lot of money to manage. The key is to develop a habit of managing your money, but not how much money you have available for you to manage. One must get into the habit of managing their own money, and you can start with as low as Rs.100 to begin using this system.

To learn more about JARS visit here

5. Take Action NOW:

Knowing the prayer is not saying the prayer, with all the tips you have got you have to now jump into action.

If you have had the same goals for What-Seems-Like-Forever then you are most likely productivity challenged. You may be thinking, “Hey, I work hard all day,” but are you working on the RIGHT things? Probably not. If you’re chasing your tail working IN your business instead of ON your business, go back to the goal sheet and take a look at your goal.

Don’t allow a day to pass by without a productive hour that will take you to your Goals.
Always develop a sense of urgency towards your goals.
Celebrate success, for every goal accomplished celebrate well.

The world belongs to those who reach out and grab it with both hands. It belongs to those who take action rather than just wish and hope and plan and pray, and intend to do something someday, when everything is just right.

Take action be productive NOW, its RIGHT HERE!! RIGHT NOW!!

Always remember anything you do that do not support your goals are mere activities and things that take you even a inch nearer to your goals are the ones that are productive.

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  1. senthil

    Very rightly said. These are simple but neatly articulated steps. Putting the thoughts on this will give us surprises in what we believed till date and what’s the reality. Thanks for the same.

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