6 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Resume

6 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Resume

Be it whether you are fresh out of college, or looking out for a new work environment, one thing you surely need to get cracking on is writing down a solid resume for yourself. A resume tells your potential employer what you have got and what you can bring to the table. In other words, a resume is you on a piece of paper.

So now that you know how important a resume is, how do you go about creating/writing the perfect resume? Fret not, for we have a list of ways you can spice up your resume, without losing its importance.

1.Echo The Job Description

One surefire way for you to bag the interview deal is to make sure that your resume echoes the words that are used in the job post. This will make sure that resume gets spotted should the company use software to sieve through resumes. If not, it will catch the eye of the human recruiter. Mimicking the words shows that you have read the company’s description, lets them know that they have a potential candidate in their sight and instantly sets a spark and creates an impression of you in the enterprise.

2.Don’t Beat Around The Bush

The recruiter knows why you are here- so stop using the same run-of-the-mill phrases to impress him/her. Be original, unique and if all things fail, be straightforward and clear with your resume. Write down all of your qualifications but avoid going into details, as you will need to save that for the interview. Narrating your work experience in great lengths in your resume will only irritate your recruiter, and chances are you might come across as being arrogant. In short, be simple, be specific but do not delve into it.

3.Make It Sound Exciting

For this point, you will need to be creative and use action verbs. Even if it something as simple as attending a workshop and getting a certificate, make sure you are excited about it. Active and action verbs show enthusiasm and willingness to learn and grow. This is a positive sign to see for recruiters and will possibly boost your chances of getting hired.

4.Jazz up your appearance

Not literally, but just make sure your resume looks appealing, presentable and formatted. Yes, your accomplishments and medals are what will get you the trophy, but how your resume looks determines whether you run the race or not. The first thing people notice is appearance, same ways with resumes – recruiters see how it is aligned, what font size is used and how it well it is put together. So go the extra mile, add a few bullet points, throw in some bold and underlines but keeps it neat and readable.

5.Make Your Resume electronically accessible

Nobody wanders around with pre-printed resumes packed in their bags every day. And with how technology is going ahead, paper resumes are the last thing your recruiter wants to see. Make sure you have a backup resume either in a pen drive you keep with you or save it up in your mail as a draft. Either way, just make sure you have an electronic copy of your resume at all times.

6.Avoid slangs, social jargons and grammatical mistakes

Your resume is you on paper; that doesn’t mean it should be as cool as your Facebook profile page. No! What you add to your resume will either make or break the deal with the recruiter. Avoid using slangs, or words that you usually use in informal social scenarios, and above all, avoid grammatical errors at all cost. Having mistakes in your resume doesn’t do any favors to you and puts you in a rather uncomfortable and poor light. Bear in mind, avoid these at all cost, and you should be good to go.

And that was our list of ways you can spice up your resume. Drop us a line here at PoachMe. Need help? Head on over to our site where we combine the growing power of willing fresh out of college and ready workers with empowering and rising business firms in the market. Click here and find out the real value of your potential.

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