Handshake +

Handshake+ is Your perfect candidate sourcing Solution.

Get a qualified, interested and matching candidate for an interview at an unimaginable pricing.

We can identify, source, qualify, engage and connect you with industry leading talents nationally or globally.

How Handshake+ supports your current recruiting efforts.

We initiate an Intake call with your recruitment team to understand the need and the recruitment process once we receive your open positions.

We deploy responsive and experienced sourcing professionals with extensive industry knowledge and connections to deliver your positions.

Our highly skilled sourcing team uses latest Boolean search techniques and advanced social media/web search technologies to identify the right candidate.

We help you get access to hard-to-find, passive candidates through PoachMe's in-house matching algorithm. Be first to get these unique candidates.

Handshake+ gives you unlimited access to jobseekers from multiple job boards and social media networks having the desired matching skills.

Handshake+ Talent Sourcing Services will identify, source, screen and present the best matching talents for your shortlisting.

Based on your shortlisting our sourcers will coordinate with you and the candidate for arranging the interview as per the schedule.

Our job never ends there, as your extended recruitment arm we do follow-up with the selected candidates in collecting necessary documents for offer release.

Your hiring cost is 5-10 times as much as Handshake+ and we often deliver the same candidates, but we deliver qualified candidates faster.

Handshake+ is a market leading on demand talent sourcing services to support your talent acquisition initiatives.

Our sourcing services are fully scalable to meet your unique requirements.

Are you ready to switch to a better way to source and recruit the talent you need?


Let your recruitment team focus on screening, recruiting and hiring the right candidate while our sourcers will help you identify the right candidate for the requirement.

Handshake+ helps you find hidden, qualified and Connect with top talent that can transform your business in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our sourcing fees are fixed regardless of salary levels and number of hires you make through us. Handshake+ helps you bringing down your hiring cost substantially.

Our pricing is simple, it is based on how many shortlisted candidates attend interviews successfully, and not as a percentage of the annual salary for the position you are trying to fill.

Whether you need to hire one employee or a team of hundreds, Handshake+ Talent Sourcing Services can identify, source, screen and present the best matching talents for your shortlisting.

Though we don't guarantee a hire, we guarantee to identify, source, screen and present the best matching talents for interview after your shortlisting.

We work with all types of industry verticals irrespective of its size and scale, being it a Fortune 500 company, start-up or small and large businesses.

PoachMe is reinventing recruitment with first-to-market technology driven talent sourcing services to make hiring simple. You don't have to be a big business to afford it.

Our on-Demand Talent Sourcing Services are ready when you are. We've got a range of solutions to suit every size business, let's get started today.

*The actual number of qualified candidate profiles that you may receive can vary depending upon multiple factors like skills, position, designation, job location, salary and supply/demand for talent.