4 Tips on How To Use Social Media For Evaluating An Employer

4 Tips on How To Use Social Media For Evaluating An Employer

Social Media can help you evaluating a prospective employer before you make the decision to join the prospective employer.

Today’s job market has changed so much and most of the hires are now happening through semantic searches, each candidate social media profile are thoroughly verified before an offer.

Similar there are ways to evaluate an employer before joining them.

1. Check their customer responsiveness

Most companies that are very responsive to customers in social media are the ones who take engagement of employees too seriously.

In current world words spreads quicker than you can imagine, and all it takes are very few bad experiences to ruin any business’s reputation, so most of the good companies to keep up with the times, have engaging social media strategy that’s equipped to handle customer service issues as well and these are the companies who will be good with their employees.

2. Find pulse of employees in Social pages

Nowadays most of the employees are vocal about the experience inside the company and in particular people who are happy with the existing employer always flaunt pics of engagements, new recruits and the happenings inside.

This can be a good tool for you to measure or evaluate the friendliness of the company.

3. Goals and aspirations of leaders in social media

It’s important you choose the company with bigger and better goals so as to grow with them quickly.

Follow the leaders of the organisation in professional social media pages and their views can be a game changer for you to decide.

Though you will not be directly reporting, Leaders of the company can make your future bright.

Start-up founders in particular are very active in social media and their vision and though process can be a trigger for your consideration.

4. Financials

Finally financials is something which can help you to evaluate whether the company can go strong in developments and growth, today lot of start-ups with less financial background can also be considered as they might have just got a VC funding and joining companies with a good financial backup will ensure your assured safety for stay there.

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All the best!!

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